Moms go to Target …

12 Jul

A LOT! Is it for the prices? Is it for the products? NO. Moms go to Target because it gives them an excuse to get the hell out of the house. Sometimes with the kids: for the most part, it is one place you can go with your wild children without people giving you dirty looks ….. and, sometimes without the children: for the most part, it is the one place you can go looking like a hot mess, with food in your uncombed hair and yoga pants you haven’t washed since who the hell knows when without people giving you dirty looks ….. so, there you have it, Moms go to Target …. and that’s the truth!


It takes A LOT of Work to go from Hot-Mess to Hot-Ness

25 Aug

There are some women you see that just look effortlessly beautiful. Skin glows, hair shines, clothes look great, on and on …… For the most part, it takes A LOT of work and effort to look that good. Even if you are a no makeup woman, you most likely have a strict diet and workout routine (you never met a cookie you didn’t like but could have). If you are a makeup wearer, there is a whole industry and You Tube category that exists to show you how you should look and the makeup to buy to get there. Don’t get me wrong, looking and feeling your best is worth the effort (if mamma is happy everyone is happy). I’m just saying, its a lot of work …. and that’s the truth!

The Luxury of Ignorance

8 Aug